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On Demand Classes

Available 24/7

In addition to our live group training we also offer you the ability to take a class when it fits your schedule. Step into the studio and play your own on demand class from a collection of over 350 classes ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and designed to meet any member in their fitness journey.

Whether you're class is spin, step, yoga, kickboxing or any other you'll find the equipment you need in the studio. Grab what you need and get ready for your class. You'll also find NEW classes added every 3 months, so you'll never get bored.

If you have an account login with your Wellbeats app or online at

Looking for a Workout Plan?


Is your goal to lose weight, take your workout to the next level or just reduce stress? Wellbeats has several 4 to 8 week programs designed to help you meet just about any fitness goal. Select the program which meets your needs and then just follow the class schedule laid out for you.. You'll also find fit tests to measure your progress throughout the program.

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